Nov 17, 2006
Moving This Journal

I have alot less complainers at LJ about thsi journal and its where I post most of my writings. PLEASE DO NOT come and complain on the LJ. For many reasons.


1. its just RUDE. I do not go visit your sites and make crude remarks about somethign I do not agree with

2. We aren't as nice as I am over here to you all. And there are actually about three or four of us writing this stuff so you're ALL out numbered.

3. I will just delete your comment and ban your IP address :D so...just save yourself the time.

4. There are SEX stories on the   LJ site. That means and I'm going to be blunt just because its fun seeing you all go "omg..that was SO gross". John Partridge sticking his dick up Jacob Brent...or sometimes Bryn :D or Michael. HAHAHA.


So good bye jerks! xD

Robin Gurl

oh! :D teh two new comms are and

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Oct 11, 2006
Little Prince Drabble 1

Not completed! ^_^ May never be! xD but it's cute and funny.


"Bryn, the doctor said stay hydrated- not turn him into an orange." Jason Gardiner exclaimed cocking his head to one side wide eyed. "I think Jakie's drank more orange juice than there are orange trees."

"And what would you know?" Bryn clucked his tongue and checked for the 200th time in that second of the loong day a fever on Jake's forehead. "You were too busy trying to have a go at that young doctor bloke."

"BRYN!" Jason squeaked turning bright red. "

"I have to ask, did you get any?" Bryn smirked crossing his arms.

"No.." Jason looked the ground red as an apple. "Got interrupted by Michael."

"There see you can't talk to me at all. Besides I- next to John of course- know how to take care of Jacob Brent the best."

"Bryn, you *just* met the guy a year ago."

"And you can do better?"

"Well for one I wouldn't turn him into the first human fruit."

"Smart remarks like that Gardiner will get you an arse fuck."

"Mee-oww!" Jason pretended to hiss and rolled his eyes. "Pulleeaase! The whole cast knows your the least blessed- even *JAKE* has more than you do, Mate."

Bryn growled dropping the wet cloth back into the water with a plunk and turned around eyes on fire. "GARDINER!" Jason squeaked and took off running out of the dance studio screaming something about a pyscho Plato with Bryn running after him shouting at him to get back here or don't come back at all.


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Sep 3, 2006

1. This entire journal is for *MY* FAN FICTION. that term for those of you who just like to act stupid and cause problems MEANS:

                  a) FAN: A fan wrote it. That means that Jacob Brent and John Partridge had no *NO* any say in ANY of it.


                c) I don't really care if he is REALLY "gay" or not. I just love the guy to pieces. So leave me the hell alone.

2. If you can not handle my fanfiction then PLEASE shut your mouth and go to some teenie bopper site who likes to talk about having sex with Jake. Personally I feel sorry for him but if it stops you from bothering my site then so be it.

3. I am only taking what I heard from the JBFP. I got taken in by a Jacob Brent Imposter named Angel (if you dont believe this story that's not really my problem.) and the imposter kept telling me things that were weird.

1. He lived in Florida.

2. He was getting married to Aeva (Demeter from the Vid..o_O)

3. He went to UNCG and NOT the NC School of Arts (when he went to both..)

So with those three weird facts in tow I went to the JBPG and emailed Laura and she said something along the lines of this:

I'm sorry I've been so slack on keeping up with the Jake page. If I had been more on the look out the imposter wouldn't have gotten so far. I apologize. And I am also sorry to tell you that he won't be getting married anytime soon- at least not to a girl. he's gay.

and that is IT. *shrugs* that's where I got my information from. So *PLEASE* stop BUGGING me and go bug someone else.

I hope Jake doesn't find this page because you ALL would be embarrassing yourselves.


<3 <3

Robin Gurl

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Apr 7, 2005

*sigh*..Look. Jacob Brent *IS* gay. And so *IS* John Partridge. So technically this isn't even slash it's gay erotica. If you can't accept that then maybe you shouldn't be a fan of Jacob Brent or John Partridge. I'm so tired of these immature Jacob Brent fans who can't handle the fact that he's gay. WELL HE IS SO DEAL WITH IT! Ask Laura at the Jacob Brent Fan Page. And if it does matter or not about their sexual prefrence then Jake and John don't *need* you as a fan. You should love them either way.

Immature Idiots.

Robin Gurl

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Jul 24, 2004
Christmas Lover 1/?

Christmas Lover

By Robin Gurl


John Partridge was awoken painfully by someone tackling him, "Go Ďway, kid."

"But, itís snowing outside, John! Look."

The kid was cute and adorable but not at seven in the morning. "Look, Jakie, go back to bed. The snow will be there in the morning." Once again John wondered why he had offered to keep Jacob over Christmas in England.

Keep sounded like Jake was a child. Well technically he wasnít, 24 was not a child. It was an adult. But something about Jacob Brent made him seem child like. The dancer loved to have Jacob snuggle or curl up next to him during the day and call his name repeatedly until John answered. Itís what John lived for.

They were lovers and had been since August but John it seemed longer, much longer. Although they did their fair share of lover things their relationship had become more of a Father Son deal.

Reluctantly John sat up and slowly his vision cleared to seeing Jake in front of the window with his face plastered against it. The older man sighed then chuckled. God, this kid was adorable. "What time is it, Jake?"

"Nine." Came the muffled response.

"Get your face off my clean glass or you will be the one to clean it." John scolded gently standing. "Come on, you havenít had breakfast have you?"

Jacob shook his head. "Waiting on you!"

Together the duo walked down the stairs of the small house. A spectator would not have known it was Christmas by the look of the place. Jacob had already made up his mind to decorate the place later. First he had to find all of Johnís old decorations.


"Jacob Brent get out of my attic."

"Why?" Came the response.

"Why are you up there?" John asked afraid of the answer.

"Looking for something."

The British dancer put his hands on his hips perturbed with the kid. "Look, Iím going out for a couple of hours to talk with one of my friends, alright? This house better not be a mess when I get back."

"Kay. Love you."

John smiled and replied, "Love you to, kid." Then he put his jacket on and left.


When John got home the house was quiet. Too quiet. "Jakie?" He called out using Jacobís nickname. His lover was nowhere in sight.

"Jacob." He tried again taking his scarf, gloves, and jacket off. Scared that something had happened he dropped them and ran into the other room. "JAKE!"

Then he heard a frustrated groan. Was Jake hurt? As John got closer he saw his den was covered in Christmas decorations. The dancer growled, "Jacob, what in the world?"

A head of spiked brown hair appeared. "Oh!" A body accompanied the head and soon John felt the familiar embrace of his lover against his body. "You are home!"

"What are you doing to my den?"

Proudly Jacob pulled away and showed off his masterpiece, "Iím decorating your house! Itís so dreary and un Christmas like. I had to do something, love."

"Where did you find all of these?" Johnís eyes narrowed, he definitely didnít remember buying these last time they went out.

"Theyíre yours silly." Jacob giggled, "I found them in your attic. Now, we need a tree, John."

John sighed and contemplated how to kill the little brat. But then something made him chuckle. The kid was being cute again. "Fine, Jakie, fine. Weíll get a tree tonight."


"Yes, I promise. Now lets finish putting all of these lights up."

Jacob cheered and happily helped his lover put the lights up. "Now it looks Christmas like."

John found himself actually smiling. He sat down in the huge green armchair after turning up the fire to heat the house. Jacob came and sat down on his lap and snuggled close. "I canít wait to get our tree."

"Neither can I. Iím glad you are spending Christmas with me, Jake, It means a lot to me."

"Well, lovers are supposed to have Christmas with each other, right?" Jacob asked his brown eyes looked serious for once. "I would have never thought of leaving you alone at Christmas."

"Iíve been meaning to ask you, how have your parents taken our relationship?"

Jake shrugged and snuggled close. Resting his head on Johnís shoulder he replied, "I donít care what they think anymore."

"I see." John answered. He decided not to press the issue and instead sat there quietly with his loverís body pressed against him.



Jacob froze and cringed. When John did that, called his name like that, he was typically in trouble. "What?"

"We have been to 25 Christmas Tree Lots." John exclaimed finally catching his up with his lover. "We need to hurry up and find one."

"Iím sorry."

John immediately felt bad for saying that. His love looked so down. "Iím sorry." He gave Jake a light hug then kissed him on the lips receiving a glare from a mother and her child. John only smiled and kissed Jacob again this time more graphically.

Jacob didnít see the mother and blushed prettily as they kissed. Neither of them noticed the mistletoe hanging from the wire. There were for sell, the mistletoe, but it was cute and a perfect moment.

When they pulled apart people started to clap. Both turned bright red. "Letís go find that tree now, kay?" Jake nodded and pulled John away from the crowd.


"I want this one!!"

John stopped walking and smiled, finally. "Alright, go tell the sales clerk. Iíll be right here."


"Mr. Clerk-?" Jacob felt someone tug on his arm. Turning around he saw it was Tom. Johnís exboyfriend. "Oh, Tom."

Tom growled, "Look, I still donít agree with you and John being together."

Jacob glared, "Heís mine! He told you that he didnít love you anymore."

"Darling, heís never loved anyone any before. You know that or should."

Brown eyes narrowed, "He does now. I trust John, if you donít then it isnít my problem."


"That felt so good." Tom pushed Jacob up against the wall away from the crowd. No one noticed the two young men.

Jacob tried to get away but Tom was to strong and he kept finding himself being thrown back into the wall.

"You scream and youíll wish you hadnít." Tom warned. "Now, I want to see what John has kept to himself for these couple of months." Two hands that Jake didn't like started to touch his private parts. Feeling and cupping them Jacob moaned as Tom had his fun but this wasn't what Jake wanted. He tried to pull away again but once again he failed.

"Donít you dare lay one hand on him."

Both men turned around and saw John standing there. "What did I tell you about coming near me and my love again?" Brown eyes were darker then either men had ever seen before. And they got darker when they saw Jacob's body held up only by Tom's arms. And even darker they got when they saw what Tom was fondling. "Let him go, Tom. You don't need the Officials here do you?" If looks could kill, Tom be'd dead and buried.

"Look," Tom whispered harshly in Jake's ear, "This isn't over yet. You are lucky he appeared this time. But next time you won't be so lucky. Mark _My_Words." Then he threw Jacob against the wall and kissed John on the cheek as he left.

Jacob, being the not so coordinated person that everyone thinks he is, fell to the ground after hitting the wall with his back really hard. That one, had hurt.

"JAKE!!" John asked as he ran over to his lover, "You alright?"

Jacob pushed John away glaring in the direction that Tom had run off in. "I'm fine, John."

John sighed wrapping both arms around Jacob from behind, "I'm sorry about Tom."

"I know," Jacob replied more cheerful this time. His childish side was back out again and John sighed in relief. He'd gotten so used to the childish Jake that when the other man turned to what he should be acting like it was weird and John didn't like it. "One of these days he'll learn that you are mine!"


John sat down in the chair again as Jacob put the last ornament on the tree. It was a small picture frame of the two of them in costume from the video. Then as Jake bent down his shirt rode up. At first John was going to lean forward and poke his lover playfully but then his eye caught a huge bruise that was starting to form. "You are hurt." John said louder than he had meant to.

"Hm?" Jacob turned around confused.

"Baby, you are injured. Tom did a number on that back of yours."

Confused Jacob just stared at John, "What are you talking about?"

John stood and gently placed a warm hand against the forming bruise, "This, honey, doesn't it hurt?"

"No, not right now..." Jake replied though the warm hand could stay any ways, "Mmmm.."

"What are you purring about?" John asked chuckling. He used his other hand to gently spider up and down his lover's back. "Good Kitty!" Reaching behind him, Jacob turned the light switch off. The only light in the room were the two candles on the mantel and the Christmas lights on the tree. "Oh, you play dirty, Mistoffelees." John scolded playfully swatting at the dancers butt.

"I'm allowed to out do our cunning Tugger once in awhile." John let Jacob push him to the ground. The younger man crawled on top of John and straddled him. Leaning down Jake found his lover's mouth and engulfed it in a long heated kiss.

After both were out of breath John kissed Jake's forehead gently, caressing the spikey brown hair, "You know, I haven't seen you in your lovely costume in forever."

"Maybe I could, but then you'd have to as well." Jacob replied purring playfully as his body responded to the petting. He laid down his head on John's chest. "I miss my Tugger."

"I see. Well I can't have you pouting. It breaks my heart to see you sad." John whispered softly in Jacob's ear. "I shall if you will."

"Alright." Jacob's smile was bright in the darkness and it was innocent but still sly enough to where John was scared to know what was going through his mind.

"So, do I get Quaxo or Mistoffelees?"

Jacob giggled and purred again as John ran a hand up and down his back then stop and squeezed his butt cheeks hard. "That's your choice!"

"Hmmm.." John groaned as he was aroused by all of the moment Jake was causing around his crotch, "The shiney one is tighter."

"Ok then!" Jacob stood and started to his room (even though it had only been used once since he arrived). "I'll be back. I want you as Tugger, dear."

John smiled, he loved the mature man that Jake turned into when they were making love. Even though it always creeped him out when the mature Jacob appeared in the most random moments. But then he always missed the cute and cuddly boy that he could hold and fondle afterwards and during the day. It was a cute mix and it spoiled John but also gave him the wants and needs to have the side of Jake he wasn't getting at any given moment.

John stood and adjusted his pants that had gotten quite tighter over the course of 10 minutes and started to his room to get ready.

End Chapter 1

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Rain and More 1/?


Rain and More

Part 1

"JOHN!!" A small boy shouted banging on the door. All around him the rain was torrenting down on his small frame. He was huddled as best as he could under the small cover the over hang gave from his boy friends house. But it wasn't enough to keep him from getting wet. Lightening struck through the sky causing the boy to cry out and cringe when Thunder went off in the background.

The thunder shook the ground and ripped through the sky. Rain continued to pound down, big drops crashing down like torpedos from a ship, on the unexpecting ground. The boy was soaked to the skin and was shivering violently. From fear or coldness, the boy didn't know. Water dripped from his dark brown spiked hair into his matching eyes.

Where was John?

Suddenly car lights made him turn around. A red jeep bumped up and parked. Then someone tall and lanky got out of the jeep. He pulled the hood of the jacket over his head and locked the doors. "God, I hope Jake is inside where ever he is." The person muttered fishing his keys out. Then he started up the stairs.

The boy looked down with wide eyes. He was to cold to glomp his lover so he stood there shivering instead. He heard John shout his name and run over to him. John's arms wrapped around his small frame and held him tight as he shivered. "Jakie, sweety, what are you doing out here? I thought you had dance class."

"I did." Jacob whispered as he was half carried into the house. "They canceled it."

"Well why didn't you let yourself in?" John asked sitting Jake down on the couch in the living room. He didn't think he'd ever get used to these big houses. He wanted to go back to his one bedroom flat with a tiny one person kitchen and a small kitchen.

Not like this one.

It had started out that they were here to visit Jake's parents..but then they took an unexpected trip to LA..leaving them a house.

A Big House.

One John was constantly getting lost in.

He had found four bedrooms, 1 huge kitchen, a play room, three bathrooms (two with a shower), 3 floors. And that wasn't all he'd found. You don't want to know how many closets he'd found looking for a door or something.

Jacob watched as John went down the hall then came back empty handed. He grinned sleepily as John groaned. "Bloody Closets. Alright, Jakie, which one holds your towels?" Jake pointed to the first on the right and John went and got some.

It was so weird for him to be back home. All of these memories. Growing up without a mother, hardly any guy friends since he was gay, an older brother who could have cared less about him and a father who worked to much.

It was weird even more for John to be here.

He still remembered getting here and John demanding to drive to the house. Of course John figured out real quickly that over here they drove on the right side of the road. It only took one mistake (going down the wrong side of the road) to figure it out.

Then however it wasn't his idea of a nice surprise to realize his father had remarried to a ditzy blonde from CA who didn't know Left from Right or Up from Down if you showed her with a diagram.

They *should* have stayed in England. Everything was less complicated and made more sense.

John pealed off Jake's shirt then wrapped a big towel (Bigger than the ones he'd ever seen) around the boy. He knew it wasn't just Jake's size, sure he was small, but this was a litle ridiculas.

"Jake, why do you need such huge towels over here?"

"For the beach.." Jacob replied raising an eyebrow. "You know where you get wet and jump waves..?"

"....Watch it Smart Ass." John remarked tugging on a dark brown spike.

Jake squeaked and grinned. "Well, not all Brits are smart when they come over here, you know. I mean your driving skills earlier.."

"What did I tell you about mentioning that ever again?" John muttered kneeling down infront of Jake. "You are asking for it."

"Yeh, I know." Jacob replied. Then John stood him up and led him to their bed room. At least he knew where this was. "But you love me so I know I'll live through it!"

John rolled his eyes, that was truth. Jake started to cough and didn't stop for awhile. John's eyes narrowed worriedly. He could feel Jake's whole body shudder with each cough. He could almost hear the coughs wracking through his ribs.

"Jakie, I swear.."

"What?" Jake wheezed hoarsely.

"...Can you EVER do anything without getting sick?"

Jacob was silent for a moment then shook his head. "Nope. Can't say I ever have."

The tone that John used was not his choice. He hoped Jake didn't catch it. "...if you need to go somewhere..go on. I'm a big boy.." Jake whispered trying to pull away.

John cursed silently and tightened his grip. "Jakie I'm not leaving you. If you don't know by now then obviously something is wrong."

He kissed Jacob's forehead then laid him on the bed. "...Sleep."

"What are you going to do?" Jake asked tiredly as he was 'put' to bed.

"Get lost in your house again..." John replied grinning. "Naw, I got some stuff to get done. Like wash your wet clothes.."

"Have fun.." Jake muttered then closed his eyes. John left him to sleep and walked off.


Dark brown eyes opened sleepily. He heard curses coming from the other side of the house. "God...what has John gotten himself into now..?"

Jake sat up and fell back immediately. The world finally stopped spinning and he sat back up again. Painfully he got to his feet. "John?" ...Wait. Where was his voice? It was all scratchy. He tried again. "John?" This time it was worse.

John heard bare feet hit the stained wood floor. He looked up from his gameboy to see Jacob staring feverishly at him with a look that could kill. "Honey? You look horrible.."

Brown eyes narrowed even more. He hoarsely said 'Gameboy' three times each got worse to understand.

"Maybe you shouldn't talk, lovey.." John stood and turned Jacob around. He started to push Jake back to the bedroom.

Duh, thought Jake.

Once back in the bed John felt for Jake's fever and then remembered that in America..they called for doctors. "..What Doctor do you go to?"

Jake gave this wide eyed questioning look. "...What?" He croaked.

"You know, doctor."

"John.." He whispered, "I haven't had a doctor here in I don't know how long."

"...Then what about a...kid doctor?"

"A pediatrician? John, I'm 25..."

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Waking Up

Waking Up

"John!" Hissed Micheal poking the British Dancer through the milions of layers of blankets and sleeping bags. "Wake up!"

The lump of covers moved but didn't sit up completely. "What?"

"Where is Jake?" Micheal had woken up earlier to see the youngest was gone.

"Oh.." John unzipped his sleeping bag to show a young boy curled close. His arms were wrapped around John's built frame. His head lying on John's lower half comfortably. John carressed the small back and looked back up to Micheal. "He crawled in earlier. Apparently wasn't warm enough."

Micheal let out a sigh of relief. He smiled and ran a hand up Jacob's back just to reassure himself that yes, Jacob was there. "John, I don't know what you did, but he loves you."

John blushed looking down at Jake, "I loved him Micheal. That's all I did."

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Random John/Jake

John/Jake Slash Drabble 1/?

John Partridge sighed and shifted uncomfortably in his unitarde. He'd come right after work to do this. Since they required the visiter to wear costumes he figured his Tugger Costume would be fine. All around him were boys Jake's age and younger waiting to give a client their pleasure.

"Sir, which boy will you choose?"

John surveyed the group hoping to find the kid, but unfortunately he didn't. "I want Jacob Brent. Is he free?"

"Sir, he's reserved for the best only!" John quietly held out a 100 Dollar Bill. The man took it nodding."Right this way, Sir."

John followed disgusted with the place. The sooner he freed Jacob, the better. He then began to wonder why the kid was here to begin with. Before he could contemplate further they reached a room. "He's in there, Sir."

John nodded a thanks and walked in. What he saw surprised him.


Jacob moaned and pulled away from the man falling backwards on his rear end. He winced and tried to sit up. But the man advanced and slapped him hard in the face. Tears welled up and a few fell as Jake's body flew from the impact.

"Bitch! Get up! I'm still hard!"

"Sir, please! I'm tired." Jacob pleaded getting on his knees. "I'll do anything."

"Then get over here." The man growled motioning to the bed. "I paid good money for you."


The Kid was huddled in the corner with a larger naked man hovering over him. "You bitch! They said you were the best, but you suck! I want a refund." The man reached down and slapped Jacob across the face leaving a hand print on the pale skin.

John growled and pulled the larger man away. "Have you ever thought he might be tired from playing all day" He shouted standing in front of their best dancer. John still couldn't figure out why Jake had to work here. Nothing would make him do it. "You look to be a regular in here. I bet you're the one who wore him out."

"A boy of his age and body should be able to climax at least 30 times we got to 5 and he's already worn out."

John's eyes narrowed, "You are sick! Taking advantage of your time you make him over exhurt himself and then slap him for not being good enough?" John's temper boiled over in 5 seconds flat. "That is just wrong."

"Well, son, what are you going to do about it?"

Behind John, Jake had curled back further in the darkness wrapping himself up in a ball. He didn't know the new comer but anything to be able to rest, just a little while, was a God Send. John cracked his knuckles in response to the mans question. "Either get out or fight me like a man."

Growling the larger set man stomped out of the room glaring at the ball behind John. "Kid, you alright?" John turned around and knelt down. He gently tried to unwrap Jake and get him out of the ball he'd wrapped himself up in.

"Please Mister, before we get started, allow me to rest!" The kid pleaded tears falling, "Right now I'm no good. I'll do it for free."

John shook his head pulling Jacob to his feet. "I wouldn't mind having a little fun, but not unless you want it."

Jacob stared up confused, "You what?" Brown eyes widened, "You're the Tugger from the Video.." The kid was swaying on unsteady legs trying to keep the lean small body up on it's feet.

"Yeh, it's me. Name's John. I'm here to get you out of here. Are you going to be able to walk?" John asked eyeing the smaller dancer in front of him. Jacob only stared up silently not making a movement or sound. "Kid?" John felt for a fever and found one. It was then that he noticed the small body in front of him was trembling, from what though he couldn't tell. "Once we get out of here we'll get you a doctor."

John shivered himself. This room was freezing. How did Jake do this? No wonder the kid was feverish. He grabbed Jake's arm and ran out of the room. The body guard tried to stop him.

"Hey, Weirdo! The kid stays in that room. He's not allowed out!"

"We're going on a permenant date. We'll send you a post card once we get there." John shouted dragging Jake's body down the hall. It's not that Jake didn't want to be Rescued. But doing this meant he had to have energy and he didn't have that.

John cursed as Jake fainted and gathered the small body up in his arms and ran even faster. He needed to get Jacob home and fast. The poor boy was ill and unconsious. "Hang in there, kid. Tugger's got ya."

He rounded a corner and caught sight of men running towards him. He some how dodged all of them and wound up outside. He continued to run though and didn't stop until he felt they were far away. Once far away John collasped on the ground cradling Jake's feverish body in his arms. The kid looked so small agaisnt him that John would have mistaken Jake to be a child instead of an adult prostitute. "Jakie, wake up."

Jake's face started to move and brown eyes slowly opened. He curled close to his savior shivering and trembling. Jake then started to cry. He was so happy that he was free. Jake then remembered his collar. He frantically tried to tear it off scaring John in the process. He kept hissing "Off!! Off!!"

John caught Jake's frantic arms and held them still. "Christ, boy. Chill. Do you want that off? Alright then." John gently unlatched the collar and handed it to the boy. Jacob weakly threw it at the brick wall down the alley and it exploded and blew up. "What in the world?"

Jake let out a sigh of relief and fell back agaisnt John breathing hard. "Home.." He whispered a few tears falling. "I want Micheal.."

"Oh God, please don't cry!" John whispered to himself. The kid was way to cute to cry. "It's alright, shhh...I'm going to take you home. Micheal is the one who sent me."

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Right Leg Cramp


John Partridge turned around watching Jacob Brent comically fall to the ground. "What was that?" The British dancer asked trying to hold in a laugh. He kneeled down letting out a soft chuckle. "I don't remember that being in Misto's dance routine."

Jacob looked up painfully, "Shut up. Ow.." He moved his right leg gingerally. "Had a cramp."

"Oh? Let me see the leg."

Confused the American Dancer looked up. John sat down completely and pulled Jacob's right leg up on to his lap. Carefully experianced hands roamed the leg and gently massaged it.

Now this felt good. Jacob smiled and right in the middle of the dance floor he layed back closing his eyes. Of course, John being John, smirked slyly then ran his finger tips up the leg and carressed Jake's thigh.

Brown eyes went wide as Jake registured a certain hand in a certain spot. "Joh..John. No..Not here."

"Why not?" John gently continued his menistrations knowing full well that Jacob was getting aroused from all of it. But everyone was to busy anyway. Not only that, but Jacob was one who liked to have someone give him was nothing new. Everyone over looked it, most of the time thinking how lucky Jake was to get one instead of 'what the hell?' Of course pretty soon it was going to be hard to hide the large (and still growing) bulge in the young American's shorts. "No one will notice."

Jacob glared and sat up. He reached forward and tried to knock John's hand off but John took this chance and copped a feel.

HOLY SHIT! Jacob shouted in his mind. His head went back and he let out a soft whimper. "John, please, honey. Not here."

"Then bathroom. Right now." John stood and pulled Jacob up gently.

Jacob stood then winced and fell right into John. Accidently he let out a huge 'Ow' when he did causing most of the male dancers to look over right away. Thankfully it was Jo's day off or he'd never get away with it.

Drew Varely ran over with Jason Gardner and Micheal Gruber. All three looked worried. Fergus Logan and Karl Morgan joined them. "You alright, there mate?" Jason asked his eyes filled with worry.

Jacob blushed from all the attention, he hated the spot light. Shyly he nodded and hid in John's chest. "It'll be fine.."

"Jacob, if it hurts bad maybe you should take a day off." Micheal commented as he knelt down and looked at the leg in question. "You could have pulled something." Gingerly he felt around the leg looking for something. What ever he was looking for, wasn't there. Contently he stood back to full height and ruffeled the younger dancer's hair fondly, "You'll be fine soon. Thankfully just a cramp."

"I'm going to take uh..get" John studdered.

"He isn't going to walk like that you know." Karl pointed out matter of factly.

Jacob nodded. Karl had a point. Limping wasn't going to work not now anyway. John surprised him and lifted him up and cradling Jake in his arms. Everyone but Jacob missed John squeeze the bulge in Jacob's shorts. Jacob bit John's shoulder in return for that making John hiss.

"If he's to heavy, you can leave him here." Micheal smirked knowing full well what they were going to do.

"No, it's alright. Be back later." Then John left.

Drew looked questionally back at Micheal. "Was he lying about the leg?"

"Oh, no. Jacob definitely has a cramp, I could feel the muscle. But I think they are going for something else."

Wide eyed the Cockney dancer whistled. "Those kinds of couples amaze me. They can do it anywhere..."

Micheal chuckled and followed Drew back to their spots. Boy, was that the truth.


"Mmmmm that stall." Jacob whispered kissing John on the lips then sucked contently on the bottom lip. John smiled and let his tongue explore the American's mouth as he pushed Jacob agaisnt the wall.

"Perfect...Stall." John huffed pressing Jacob's arms away and up out of the way. "I just love your body." He exclaimed starting a trail of kisses starting at Jacob's neck and down the young dancer's chest stopping shortly to lick around the two nipples. After they hardened John sucked both for good measure.

Jacob groaned shifting his hips and grinding into John's crotch.

"That's dirty play, Mistoffelees." John chastized. "You should be punished for it."

"Oh? Really, now?" Jacob asked smirking. "Yes, I guess I should be, please."

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Vacation Part 1/?


"Mmm.." John Partridge flopped backwards on to the huge king sized bed. It was nice to be on vacation with his lover. No obligations, just love and sex. In front of him, his lover,Jacob Brent, was looking outside. "Jakie?"

"It's dark out there,John." The American explained, "And it's only 4:00.."

"So, we might get a storm. Big deal." John propped himself up on his elbows and laughed good naturally, "Stop worrying! Tugger's here. We'll be fine!"

Jacob turned around leaning on the window sill. "Oh, really?" His brown eyes were bright as he advanced across the room and climbed on to the matress straddling John. "Am I supposed to feel safe with that statement?"

John reached up and kissed the pout sucking on the bottom lip that belonged to his lover. 'I don't know..o rit could just make you hard and we could have reckless sex."

"Hmph..all you want me for is my ass.." Jacob rolled his eyes and climbed off John, who sighed before sitting up.

"Jakie, honey, I was just joking." John stood and walked over to Jake wrapping his arms around teh smaller dancer and laying his chin on the top of Jake's head, "What's wrong?"

Jake sighed and blushed. How could he tell John? It was completely embarrassing.

"Honey?" John decided not to press anything further and stayed silent. Then he added things up. "You're scared of storms.."

Jake closed his eyes and his cheeks turned crimson. "Sorry.. Guess we won't make love tonight."

"That doesn't matter!!" John reassured, I'll make sure safe tonight!!"

End Part 1

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